Building A leading National Motorcycle repair Brand and training Academy

We are redefining the motorcycle service industry by offering convenience, value, and quality for  Ride In– Ride Out maintenance services for all types of motorcycles nationwide.

Boda fix is developing a comprehensive franchise program that gives dedicated young entrepreneurs support in technical training, merchandising, marketing, and business sustainability from experienced professionals. Franchisee young entrepreneurs enjoy the benefit of working with a well-known brand and proven systems of operation.       

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BodaFix Franchise Program

BodaFix is developing a comprehensive franchise program and delivery system which will give dedicated entrepreneurs the greatest opportunity for success. We have carefully crafted service packages, systems and procedures that start from the moment a customer walks into the shop and extend to apersonal follow-up call within 2 business days after the service is completed. We will provide our franchisees with proven operating models, effective training and business management advice all based on solid business principles and experience. BodaFix will have established supplier networks, customized computer systems and equipment packages that will build the foundation for franchisee success.

Boda Fix Academy; Creating work opportunities for young women in occupational fields typically dominated by men.

The Boda fix academy runs a vocational course in motorcycle repair and maintenance mechanics training program which equips females with technical skills in motorcycle mechanics and maintenance. Young ladies who complete the course get access to finance to own a motorcycle workshop or work as a mechanic in the network of garages in the boda fix franchise program.