Guided by our founding vision to make a distinctive contribution to our society through the relevant solutions we offer, NFT Consult is implementing the Mobility Program to address Uganda’s youth employment challenges.

Our aim is to promote sustainable job creation through; entrepreneurship development by creating and  partnering with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), addressing information and capacity gaps through Business Development Services and skilling programs and addressing the constraints young people face in accessing finance.

 While we build on other youth employment efforts and lessons learned, the program adopts a unique ecosystem approach of proving mobility as a service as a medium to addresses interrelated supply, demand, and linkage challenges to youth employment.

We deploy a range of technology, innovation, research, education, and gender specific interventions to create work opportunities for young women with a focus on working with a broad network of partners to co-create sustainable and resilient solutions .

This focus will enable us to bring coherence and scale to youth employment and entrepreneurship efforts across Uganda.

Over the next decade, we plan to create over 40,000 jobs and impact 60,000 youth